Danzan Ryu Restorative Therapy (DZRRT) is a full-body massage, distinctive in its use of forearm rocking and long life acupressure points that balances the systems of the body to promote healing.

DZRRT is a blend of Japanese restorative massage (Seifukujitsu), Hawaiian massage (Lomi Lomi), Swedish massage, and Chinese Acupuncture. These ancient holistic healing arts were integrated by Master Henry Okazaki, a Japanese-Hawaiian Judo and Jujitsu expert, into a set bodywork kata (form) that traces many of the body’s muscle channels and meridians.

Using either the crux of the elbow, or the flatter forearm, DZRRT can be as deep or as light as needed. This deep tissue style is not a spa massage. DZRRT increases the circulation of blood, lymph, and Qi throughout the body – helping the body to heal itself. It breaks up adhesions and fascial restrictions, reduces pain, increases mobility, prevents injuries, and promotes good health. It leaves you restored and reinvigorated!