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"Kiran is an adept and highly skilled practitioner. Combining an exhaustive knowledge of anatomy with an unusually broad bodywork skill set, she is able to accurately pinpoint problem areas and address them through a variety of techniques.

I have had chronic back pain since the age of twelve, due largely to an undiagnosed dislocated rib and overly flexible joints. Kiran was the first practitioner to correctly assess my situation, and through a combination of massage, Graston, and Pilates, she was able to significantly reduce my daily pain levels and put me on the road to recovery. I attribute this in large part to the strength and intuitiveness in her massage practice.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Kiran for anyone who suffers from physical pain. Besides being incredibly skilled, she is kind, sensitive, and understanding. She goes out of her way to make sure you feel comfortable and heard. If only we had more practitioners like her, I do think the world would be a better place."

Reviewed by Sabra M., Oakland, Ca – 8/21/12

"I highly recommend Kiran Haithcox as a pilates instructor. She’s an awesome instructor, always caring, supportive and challenging me just the right amount. She customizes each week’s workout based on how I feel emotionally and physically but also keeping my current goals in sight.

Before I started working out with Kiran I was suffering from chronic back pain. I could continue any exercise I tried for only a few weeks before my back pain would act up and I would be out of the gym for a month. When I scheduled my first appointment with her, my intent was to work with a pilates instructor for a couple of months to strengthen my core and then go back to my gym routine. That was 7 years ago. I’vebeen working with Kiran ever since and am not planning to stop anytime soon.

In the beginning, Kiran patiently worked with me to improve my posture and strengthen my core so I could live without pain. Until I started working with Kiran, I was used to going to bed at nights with incredible back pain and getting relief only in the morning. Now my back pain rarely acts up and I can do other kinds of exercises (dance cardio, weights) without problems. Later, when I decided to wear a strapless mermaid dress for my wedding, Kiran helped me condition my thighs, my arms and my back. Then came my pregnancy and again she was there to have a healthy and fit pregnancy without any back pain. Now, she’s helping me to lose the baby weight and flatten my tummy.

My sessions with Kiran are one of the highlights of my week!

Reviewed by Beril G., Oakland, CA – 5/28/2011

I first saw Kiran Haithcox (Pilates Instructor) at the Working Body after suffering from “shoulder impingement syndrome” for over a year. I couldn’t use my left arm effectively above my head, I had a painful calcified lump on my shoulder, and had given up rock-climbing and windsurfing. I thought of this as a degenerative condition; Kiran thought I just needed to learn to move correctly. I was skeptical. Kiran was right. By performing simple exercises once a week under her eagle eye for proper form and posture, I re-learned how to do basic motions using joints and muscles the way they were meant to be used. Within a few weeks my shoulder was improving, within a couple of months, the pain was completely gone, and within six months the calcified deposit had disappeared and my shoulder was fine.

I only intended to try Pilates with Kiran for a couple of months for rehabilitation. I’ve continued it for years. The focus on proper biomechanics and core strength has made me healthier and stronger in my forties than I was in my thirties, and it makes contact sports like ice hockey much more satisfying.

Kiran is a great Pilates instructor. She can be gentle or tough depending on the situation, is fun, and always ensures I correctly do the exercises I never seem to get around to on my own. In addition to giving me a great workout, she frequently teaches me something fundamental about biomechanics or anatomy that I wish I’d learned twenty years ago. I highly recommend her for rehabilitation or core conditioning.

Reviewed by Erik C., Oakland, Ca – 01/24/11

I’ve been doing pilates with Kiran at the Working Body for several years, and she has been awesome. I have chronic issues with back stiffness and sciatica, and Kiran has helped keep my muscles loose and more flexible. I also now have much stronger core muscles, which was a great help for my pregnancy.

Every week I get a routine tailored to my needs, and instructions on exercises I can do at home to address whatever issues I might be having. I am always amazed at how perceptive Kiran is about what’s going on with my body. She’s also very caring and supportive, which motivates me to keep up with my exercises and stretches at home.

I would highly recommend Kiran if you want to improve your strength and flexibility!

Reviewed by Karin G., Oakland, Ca – 11/11/10

I have been doing Pilates with trainer Kiran Haithcox for over four years. Whether we are working to build strength, enhance flexibility, or to recover from an (usually a riding related) injury, she always knows how to tailor the workout so that I am pushed, but not overworked. In addition, she always has an amazing ability to shift the weight or tweak the move to get right at what we are working on. She really knows her stuff and is a total professional. The space is not huge, but immaculate. Everyone there is friendly and supportive. I recommend Kiran and The Working Body whether you are looking to enhance your fitness for other sports, recover from an injury, or just to make Pilates your “thing.”

Reviewed by Dina A., Piedmont, Ca – 11/06/10

I have been working with Kiran since the Fall of 2006 twice a week. It is hard for me to exercise and Kiran never makes me feel ashamed and I feel encouraged by her. Before I started working with her, I had the uncomfortable sensation of “burning” in my back. My posture was terrible (hunched). Kiran explained that I had almost no range of motion in my left shoulder and my back was very tight and the muscles were weak. I feel like Kiran is part “personal trainer”, part “physical therapist”, part “massage therapist” and always supportive. I am middle aged and overweight and after awhile I actually started looking forward to exercising. For me, that’s amazing. After about a year, she excitedly told me that I had “found my abs”. Just last week, she told me that my abs are getting stronger. As someone who has always disliked my stomach, this is all very exciting. I still have a hard time exercising on my own but I am really enjoying getting to know my body in this way and Kiran is my guide, mentor and cheerleader. For anyone who is very resistant to exercising, I highly recommend Kiran. I feel like every bit of progress that I make, she celebrates it with me. When I used to do the cobra position (stretching my tight back), I used to feel like it was going to break in two. Now I can stretch my back and I feel like my back is not breaking but is”breaking free”. I no longer walk around with ice packs on my back and I can lift heavier groceries. Kiran is very knowledgeable, personable, nurturing, attentive and fun. I recommend her highly.

Reviewed by Judith L

I have a rotated right shoulder and had been suffering from pain on my right upper back and neck for a couple of years. I got terrible headaches because of it. My lower back, right knee and right foot were also affected as I had gone on with this problem for so long. I finally decided to try out Pilates and it is the best thing I have done ever for my health. I have seeing Kiran Haithcox at the Working Body since September 24th. I had never done Pilates before, Kiran took the time to explain to me what Pilates is all about and how form is critical when working out. I see her twice a week and even though it’s been only four sessions, it has made a world of difference. I LOVE KIRAN!! I am so grateful, I can’t say this enough, for her dedication, knowledge, and motivation. Kiran is always in a good mood and always takes the time to explain exactly how the different exercises need to be done and how it is that they will help me. Kiran has designed a wonderful home program to keep up with my fitness and health goals at home. I have been able to continue with my different activities and have been implementing the techniques that Kiran has taught me. I have not felt any pain in any part of my back ever since I started working out with her. the headaches have not returned and my lower back, knee and foot is all better. My right shoulder is actually more relaxed and it’s definitely getting into its normal position. Also, I get a really good workout; my muscles are sore! IT’S AMAZING! The only thing I wish, is that I would have done this long ago.

I recommend Kiran 100%. She is professional, knows her trait, is truly caring. She has been able to identify the issue and with her help the problem is quickly getting corrected. I could not be any happier.

Reviewed by Kelly M